Lordship Title of Waltham St Lawrence ID1659

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In 940 King Edmund granted 30 'mansae' at Waltham to his thegn Ælfsige, who is said to have conveyed them to the abbey of Abingdon. This land had returned to the Crown by 1006, when King Ethelred II held Waltham and gave 8 'mansae' there to his reeve Alfgar, in return for money. The manor of WALTHAM, later known as WALTHAM ST. LAWRENCE, belonged to Queen Edith in the time of Edward the Confessor, and after the Norman Conquest it was held by William I, thus forming part of the ancient demesne of the Crown. From this time it followed the descent of the manor of Wargrave (q.v.). Lord Braybrooke, however, did not sell this manor with Wargrave, and is the present owner.
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