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The holding in Chalgrave which became known in the 14th century as the manor of WINGFIELD, in the possession of Dunstable Priory, was probably bestowed upon the canons by one of the Lorings, as it was held of their fee in 1276, but the name of the donor and date of the gift are not on record. The earliest evidence of the priory's connexion with Chalgrave dates from 1210, when in the month of April, at night, the canons noted a red rainbow in the sky over their lands of Chalgrave. In 1238 the priory obtained a rent of 12d. at Wingfield, and buildings were erected in the same year, while in 1248, 1250 and 1253 respectively a dove-cot, sheepfold and cow-shed were built. In 1257 the priory was granted 12½ acres of land in Chalgrave by Walter Godmar and Mary his wife, and in 1286 the prior upheld his right to view of frankpledge in Chalgrave by a charter granted in 1190 and confirmed by Henry III in 1227. A new inclosure was made in the field of Chalgrave in 1293 with the consent of Peter Loring, and in 1330 the prior again had to justify his claim to hold a view of frankpledge. In 1334 the priory obtained licence to alienate in mortmain to Lincoln Cathedral a rent of 20s. issuing from the manor of Wingfield. The manor was then held by the priory in free alms of the heirs of Roger Aungeyn, who held of the heirs of Roger Pever by the service of 1d. yearly homage, who held of Peter Loring for a pair of spurs yearly, who held of the property of Peter St. Croix of the barony of Cainhoe. Its lands in Chalgrave and Battlesden were assessed at 65s. in 1342 but are not mentioned in the Valor of Henry VIII. At the Dissolution the manor escheated to the Crown, by whom it was doubtless granted to William Smith and his son William in 1549, when they obtained the advowson and rectory, and was by them alienated to Thomas Sibley, whose son William conveyed his right in the manor to Thomas Impie in 1569. There is no further trace of Wingfield until 1797, when Richard Gilpin was lord of the manor, and his descendant, Mr. Peter Valentine Gilpin of Hockliffe Grange, is a landowner in Chalgrave at the present day.
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