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Another estate in Wokefield in the 11th century formed part of the manor of Aldermaston, which was held in the time of Edward the Confessor by Bricstuard by a grant from Harold and in 1086 by the king in demesne. Wokefield was presumably separated from the royal demesne at the same time as Aldermaston, but seems to be mentioned as a separate manor only from 1405 to 1503, when it was held of the lords of Aldermaston. In 1405 William Darell and Elizabeth his wife settled the manor on themselves and their heirs male, with remainder to the heirs of William, and in 1422 they obtained a lease of other lands in Wokefield and Sulhamstead Bannister from Richard Wulwey the Chaplain. In 1429, however, they agreed to enfeoff Margaret and Robert Dyneley of the manor in exchange for other lands. Robert Dyneley, the son of Robert and Margaret, died in 1455, and was succeeded by his son William, upon whose wife Anne the Hampshire lands were settled for life, with reversion to Edward Dyneley, William's grandson, and Sanchea his wife. Anne survived not only Edward and Sanchea but their son Thomas, who died in 1503, leaving an infant daughter Elizabeth and a widow Philippa, to whom he left the reversion of the manor of Wokefield for her life. There seems, however, to be no further mention of the manor after this date.
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