Lordship Title of Wootton Pilling or Pilling Rowsbery or PIlling Shingay or St Johns ID1330

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The manor of Pilling-in-Wootton, which was known in the 17th century as the manor of PILLING SHINGAY, was held by the Knights Hospitallers and attached to their preceptory of Shingay. The first evidence of their connexion with Wootton occurs in 1247, when a criminal took refuge in their chapel there. In 1287 and in 1330 they claimed view of frankpledge held twice a year in their manor of Pilling, and in 1338 their rental was as follows:— 1 mill, worth 13s. 4d.; 30 acres of wood, worth 10s.; 109 acres of land, worth 54s. 6d.; 2½ acres of meadow, worth 3s. 9d.; 4 acres of pasture, 4s.; while the rent of assize was 57s. 2¾d., and the works of tenants 20d. After the Dissolution the preceptory and its possessions in Wootton were bestowed in 1540 on Sir Richard Longe, and descended, as in Clifton (q.v.), to Elizabeth wife of William Lord Russell. Elizabeth died seised of the manor in 1617, leaving a son Francis, by whom Pilling Shingay was doubtless alienated to Sir Francis Clerke, lord of Pilling Rowsberry, who in 1627 bestowed both manors on Sidney-Sussex College, Cambridge, since which date their history has been identical.
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