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There are traces of another WYBOSTON MANOR, which appears to have originated in part of the 9 hides and 1 virgate held by Pirot at Domesday. It was held by the Karun family, of whom Walter conveyed half a virgate in Eaton to Robert Cokrel in 1236. In 1262 Roger le Sok acknowledged the right of Walter Karun to part of half a knight's fee in Wyboston. Another Walter Karun held one fee with Godfrey le Sok of Ralph Pirot in 1302–3. Between 1316 and 1330 Walter Karun enfeoffed Roger de Beauchamp of this property. From him it passed to John de Beauchamp, who appears to have represented a younger branch of the family, and who at this date claimed view of frankpledge here, as having been held from time immemorial by the ancestors of Walter Karun. The name of 'John de Beauchamp of Wyboldeston' occurs in a charge of riot in 1338, and in 1384–5 John de Beauchamp, his descendant, alienated lands in Wyboston, Chalston and Eaton to Richard Belgrave and Margaret his wife, but no further trace of this manor has been found.
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Manorial Counsel Limited has created a new legal right to bring the titles of this lordship back into use.
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