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The manor of ASTON, i.e., that portion of the inheritance of Nicholas son of Torold which was retained in demesne by Alan de Farnham and his wife Margery, descended, evidently through the marriage of their daughter Juliana with John de Elsefield, to Gilbert son of John de Elsefield. He had a marriage settlement upon himself and his wife Joan and was holding the manor about 1316. He was succeeded by his son Gilbert, whose widow Elizabeth was holding in dower in 1367. In that year Thomas de Elsefield, who was brother and heir of the younger Gilbert, sold his reversionary interest for 200 marks to Thomas Cheney and Robert de Erburghfeld, clerk. Possibly they were trustees on behalf of Sir Hugh Segrave, treasurer of England, who was evidently acting for William of Wykeham in the foundation of New College, Oxford. Joan, then wife of Robert atte Wood, had a life interest in 1381, when the manor of Aston formed part of the estate with which Wykeham endowed the college. She was still living in June 1392, when the college, with its founder's consent, alienated its rights in Aston to John Sende. Robert Quinerton was attorney to deliver seisin to John Sende, and was evidently holding the manor in trust in 1400. A plea was then brought against him by Joan wife of John Hore the granddaughter, and Joan wife of Thomas Loundres the daughter, of William brother and heir of Thomas de Elsefield. It was adjourned from time to time until Easter 1403, and its termination has not been found. Subsequently the manor was acquired, probably by purchase, by Sir John Drayton, kt. John Dalbert, who was holding in 1428, seems to have been trustee for his heirs, who were his daughters Joan wife of Drew Barantyne and Elizabeth wife of Christopher Preston. In 1453 the two daughters were holding jointly, but the manor was subsequently divided into moieties.
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