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A third manor in this parish was BEVANS MANOR. It was held as of the barony of Wahull of the De Greys. The manor undoubtedly derived its name from the family of Bevan (Bevin, Beywin or Beyum), a member of which, named Richard, in the middle of the 13th century, held one-seventh and one-twelfth of one knight's fee. Part of this property, described as land above the castle of Ridgmont, was held in 1276 by Walter, then by William, and in 1346 by Thomas Bevan. This land reappears in 1593, when William Stone, who also held Segenhoe Manor (q.v.), died seised of two-thirds of Bevans Manor, which follows the same descent as Segenhoe (q.v.) till 1738, in which year it was the property of Simon Taylor, who suffered a recovery of it in 1772. By 1801, however, the manor was again following the same descent as that of Segenhoe (q.v.), and was finally absorbed in the greater holding.
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