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At the time of the Domesday Survey BIDDENHAM MANOR, containing 4 hides 1½ virgates, was held by William Spec in chief, having as tenants Ralph and Serlo de Ros. William Spec's overlordship subsequently followed the same descent as the barony of Trailly, but in the 13th century the whole vill of Biddenham appears to have become attached to the honour of Gloucester, thus interposing an intermediary lordship between the Traillys and the Crown. The first mention that has been found of Biddenham as belonging to the honour of Gloucester occurs in 1278, when Gilbert de Clare claimed view of frankpledge and all regal rights in Biddenham, which was declared to have been withdrawn from Willey Hundred by Richard de Clare his father (who died in 1262). In 1373 Eleanor Trailly held by knight service of Ralph Earl of Stafford, who also owned two courts leet in Biddenham in right of his wife Margaret, daughter of Margaret, co-heir of Gilbert de Clare, who died in 1314. Thomas Earl of Stafford, his grandson, died seised of the same rights of overlordship in 1392, the last reference which has been found regarding the exercise of this paramountcy is in 1460, when his grandson Humphrey, created Earl of Buckingham, died in possession of them. Probably on the attainder of his grandson and heir Henry in 1483 they reverted to the Crown.
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