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The first mention that has been found of the family is in 1276 when Bartholomew Bosom granted messuage, land and rents in Stagsden to Alexander Bosom and Ida his wife. This land included 1 hide and was held chiefly in demesne. He and his wife were still holding in 1286, but it was probably their son Alexander whose right in the manor Edmund Bosom acknowledged in 1330. One of the same name was holding in 1343 and again in 1366. In 1398 William son of John Bosom sued Walter Bosom and Joan his wife for this property as lineal descendant of the Alexander who received a grant from Bartholomew Bosom in 1276. The Bosoms continued to hold in Stagsden until c. 1459, when the co-heirs of Alexander Bosom were his daughters Elizabeth wife of John Halton and Anne wife of Nicholas Ovy. Its history during the next forty years cannot be traced, though it evidently remained in moieties in the same families, for in 1497 Eleanor Coly, evidently representing Elizabeth Halton's portion, transferred her share to John Mordaunt, and in 1506 William Villiers son of Philippa daughter of Anne Ovy granted his right in the manor to the same John Mordaunt. Bosoms Manor henceforward follows the same descent as Dylywyk Manor, preserving, however, its distinctive name till the 18th century.
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