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The mention of the water-mill in 1309 seems to prove the identity of Somery's holding with what was afterwards known as the manor of BREAMORES. William Stokes in 1427 held of Robert D'Arsy a messuage and land in Basildon called 'Brymmores.' It appears that it was on the river and in the northern portion of the parish. It was probably part of the estate sold by the Weldons to Sir John Davys in 1613. It then passed to Sir William Yonge, for in 1615 he settled it, together with the principal manor (q.v.), as jointure upon his wife. In 1622 the 'manor of Bremors' was conveyed with the others, but William Davies leased it separately to Humfrey Oneby in 1629 and sold it in 1634 to the Allen family, from whom it was purchased in 1656 by Charles Lord le Despenser. No complete descent can be made out from the later records, but in 1673 Sir Thomas Dolman and others granted a lease for ninety-nine years. In 1739 the manor belonged to Charles Viscount Fane. Finally, in 1768 a moiety of Breamores was conveyed with the principal manor to Humphrey Marriott, the other moiety being reserved with the manor of Crooks and Dunts, next to be noticed.
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