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In 944 King Edmund granted to his servant Ordwulf certain lands at Brimpton which the latter gave to the abbey of Abingdon, but the monks seem to have held no lands here after the Norman Conquest. The manor of BRIMPTON, which belonged in the time of Edward the Confessor to Godwin, was held by Ralph de Mortimer at the time of the Domesday Survey. The overlordship passed from him to his son Hugh, the founder of Wigmore Priory, who died in 1181, and from Hugh to his son Roger, who married Isabel Ferrers and died in 1214, and afterwards followed the descent of the family of Mortimer of Wigmore and later of the earldom of March. When Edmund fifth Earl of March died childless in 1424 his heir was his nephew Richard Duke of York. After his death in 1460 the overlordship remained in the hands of his widow Cicely, and on her decease in 1495 it reverted to the Crown. A rent from the manor was granted by James I in 1604 to his consort Anne, and amounted to nearly £20.
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