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In 1086 the reeves and almsmen of the king owned 12/3 virgates of land in Bromham. Osiel was then tenant, and had held it in the days of the Confessor. is possibly to be identified with the half-hide of land in Bromham which Bertram le Whyte held in 1284 by serjeanty and service of furnishing a pair of white saddle-bows (arsonum ad unum sellam). Another Domesday holder in this parish was Count Eustace of Boulogne, of whom Ernulf de Ardres held 1½ hides. From him they descended to the Count of Guines. In addition to the rectory and advowson the Prior of Caldwell owned land in Bromham. In 1259 John son of Simon de Bromham held a messuage and land of the prior for the yearly rent of 5s; and again in 1388 Adam vicar of Oakley and others assigned to Caldwell lands in Bromham. At the Dissolution the temporalities of the priory in this parish were worth 15s. 11d., and included a grange which, like the advowson (q.v.), passed to Eton College, and in 1593 was leased to Sir Lewis Dyve.
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