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The 3 hides of land which Rolland held of Eudo in 1086 became BUDDENHO MANOR or BERELLS and FRENCHES. They formed the corresponding half fee to Beeston Manor and were held of the honour of Lindon (see above). This manor was owned in the 13th century by Eustace de Sutton, and in 1284–6 by Richard de Buddenho. Nicolaa de Buddenho was in possession in 1316, but by 1338 the manor had passed to John Stacy. A descendant of his, Thomas Stacy, was styled lord of Beeston in 1416 and by his marriage with Agnes at some time previous to 1457 had acquired the lands belonging to John Berell and William Frenches, which, added to Buddenho, later gave it the distinctive name of Berells and Frenches. In 1440–1 he (being then in rebellion) surrendered his estates to his son Thomas, who in 1451 granted the lands which had belonged to his mother to Elizabeth daughter of Robert Codon, and, possibly on this account, was styled lord of half Beeston in 1472. Between the years 1491 and 1497 William Stacy, probably the son of Thomas, leased Buddenho Manor to Thomas Randolph, master of Northill College, and about the same time granted a rent-charge on it of 4 marks a year to Pembroke Hall, Cambridge. About 1519 Edward Stacy son and heir of William granted the manor with other lands in Beeston, Budna, Thorncote and Hatch to Thomas Underhill, then master of the college and other feoffees. The latter withdrew four years later and Stacy's land remained in the possession of the college and at the Dissolution was worth £6 4s. 0½d., the yearly payment made to Pembroke Hall being £2 13s. 4d. in 1548. In 1632 it was stated that this manor had long since become extinct, that neither any rentals nor Court Rolls were extant, but only certain deeds and conveyances to prove the past existence of a court.
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