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The reputed manor of BULLOCKS alias WHITE PLACE was granted by Thomas Gillot to Ralph More in 1564 for ninetynine years. Ralph purchased the estate in 1566 of John Cheney of West Woodhay, and died without issue in 1577. His elder brother Robert More settled the estate in 1601 on his son Richard, who sold it in the following year to Dorothy Fitzwilliam. In 1605 Dorothy conveyed it to George Smyth and his son Sir Francis. Sir Edward Manfield, who married Dame Maria, one of the daughters of George Smyth, was the owner in 1611, when the estate was sequestrated for his recusancy. Edward Manfield, probably his son, was in possession in 1671, and in 1696 the manor was sold by Edward Manfield's trustees to Budd Wase of Datchet. In 1703 it was bought by John Dodson, citizen and tinplate worker of London. George Leycester married Elizabeth daughter of John Dodson, and the estate remained in the Leycester family until it was purchased about 1890 by Mr. Waldorf Astor of Cliveden, the present owner.
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