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It is said that in 1804 the Pedleys by exchange with the dean and chapter of St. Paul's received the estate of CADDINGTON HALL for Zouches Farm. At the date of the exchange there was, it appears, a small house on the property which the Pedleys pulled down, and built the present residence on the site. (fn. 73) In 1873 it belonged to Anne wife of Arthur Macnamara who had inherited from John Pedley. Anne died in 1876, when the estate came to her eldest son Arthur, who sold it about 1902 to Mr. Arthur Collings Wells, who had been residing at Caddington some five years before it passed into his possession. John Macnamara, half-brother of Arthur, who died issueless in 1906, still owns a considerable amount of property in Caddington.
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