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An estate in Chalgrave was held by Woburn Abbey and originated in 17 acres of arable land in Hare in the vill of Tebworth, bestowed by Simon Franchenat upon Hugh of Stanbridge with his daughter Isabel in marriage, and granted by their son Simon early in the reign of Henry III to the monks of Woburn. In 1276 the abbot held 1 virgate of land in Chalgrave of Peter Loring, and in 1535 the abbey's possessions in Tebworth were assessed at 5s. 11d. After the dissolution of Woburn by Henry VIII all its lands escheated to the Crown, by whom they were annexed to the honour of Ampthill created in 1542, and in 1557 rent of assize of free tenants in Hearne, Tebworth, Chalgrave and Wingfield of the annual value of 6s. 3½d. was included in the sale of Crown lands.
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