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At the time of the Domesday Survey William Spec held 7 hides and 3 virgates of land in Chawston, and Eudo Dapifer 1 hide and 1 virgate, and the overlordship of both these holders is subsequently found in what later became known as CHAWSTON MANOR. William de Roos, representing the Spec honour, held here in the middle of the 13th century, whilst Richard de Beauchamp at the same date held 1 virgate of the honour of Eaton, into which Eudo Dapifer's lands had passed. In 1290 the dual overlordship of the de Roos family and Beauchamps is mentioned, but after this date Chawston Manor is stated to be held of de Roos of Hamlake only, mention of the overlordship occurring in 1302, 1343, 1346, 1414 and 1428.
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