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Besides the manor proper of Clifton and the manor of Lacies, there was a third manor in Clifton belonging to the prior of St John of Jerusalem, which was held of the barony of Eaton till 1303, and afterwards of the king. William de Caron held this property at the time of the Domesday Survey (1086), of Eudo Dapifer, amounting to 6½ hides. It had formerly belonged to Almar of Etone (Eaton Socon). The prior of St. John of Jerusalem is first found in possession in 1278, when he claimed view of frankpledge from tenants in Clifton, and in 1302–3 the holding amounted to half a knight's fee, and so remained. In 1316 the prior was one of the three lords holding in Clifton, and the value of the estate in 1338 amounted to £31 17s. Among the items was a fishpond worth 6s. 8d. The hospital of St. John of Jerusalem continued to hold the manor until the Dissolution, when it was taken into the hand of the king, and was granted to Sir Richard Longe in 1540, at the same time that he was given the preceptory of Shengay, which had belonged to the same order. This manor he settled on his marriage in 1541 with Margaret Kytson, widow of Sir Thomas Kytson, alderman of London. It afterwards passed to his son Henry, who was holding it in 1583, and through the latter's daughter and heir Elizabeth to her husband William, Lord Russell, the fourth son and heir of Francis, earl of Bedford, and Margaret his wife, daughter of Sir John St. John of Bletsoe. The son of William and Elizabeth, Francis Lord Russell and Catherine his wife conveyed the manor by fine to Walter Rolt, senr., and Walter Rolt, junr., in 1617. The manors thus came eventually into the possession of the same family in the seventeenth century, and from that time they have merged into one and followed the same descent.
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