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Three other hides of land in Curridge were held of Edward the Confessor by Edward, and one of these he was holding in alod of King William at the time of the Domesday Survey. From Edward this passed to Sewal, who granted it to the abbey of Waverley before 1147, when it was confirmed to that abbey by Pope Eugenius III. The other 2 hides passed after the Norman Conquest to the abbey of St. Peter-sur-Dive, who were holding it at the time of the Domesday Survey and in 1220–1. In 1299–1300 the abbot was still holding it, but the property of this as of other alien priories was taken into the king's hands during the wars with France. The manor seems to have been held of the abbey in the 13th century by Nicholas of Ely, Bishop of Winchester, and after his death in 1280 his executors, Ralph de Staunford, parson of Alton, and Hugh Tripacy, parson of Martyr Worthy, had licence in 1310 to grant the manor to the abbey of Waverley. The abbey seems to have attached both these estates, which had now become one manor, to its manor in the parish of Shaw (q.v.), known as the manor of Shaw Grange, and the subsequent history of all three manors is the same.
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