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The so-called manor of DIDDENHAM COURT was parcel of the manor of Sheepbridge (q.v. in Swallowfield), and in the early part of the reign of Henry III was held of Ela Countess of Salisbury by Roger de Didenham. His brother John afterwards held under Henry de Mara, who was enfeoffed of the rights of overlordship by William Longespée, son of the Countess Ela. John was probably succeeded by Nicholas de Didenham, whose name appears in several deeds of the latter half of the 13th century. The descent of the holding after this date is not clear, but ultimately it came with Hartley Pellitot to the Woodcocks, and was in the possession of Richard Woodcock in 1540. It then follows the descent of Moor Place (q.v.).
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