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At the time of the Domesday Survey a second manor existed in EDWORTH. It consisted of 2½ hides of the land of the reeves and almsmen of the king, and was held by Branting during the Confessor's reign, and in 1086 by Alwin, a king's bailiff. By the thirteenth century this property had come into the possession of the Cantilupes, though the exact manner and date of the transference have not been ascertained. The Testa de Nevill states that Richard son of William held one-fifth fee of William Cantilupe, and Milicent his daughter, who married Eudo la Zouche of Harringworth, held two hides of land here in chief in 1284. Like Henlow Zouches (q.v.) it descended through the Zouches of Harringworth, though its identity as a manor seems early to have been lost, and no independent mention of the property has been found subsequent to 1473, but the fact that the manor of Henlow Zouches is described in 1614 as in Henlow, Edworth, and Hinxworth, makes it probable that this La Zouche property had become merged in the one manor.
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