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The so-called manor of ENDALLS or YELDHALL is first mentioned in the 17th century. It was then in the possession of Henry Newbury and consisted of two messuages and 40 acres of land which were held of Sir Henry Neville by fealty and suit of court twice a year. Henry Newbury was succeeded by his son Humphrey, who may perhaps be identified with the Humphrey Newbury who is buried at Waltham St. Lawrence, a barrister of Lincoln's Inn, noted for his 'greate learning and knowledge in the lawes of this land.' In the late 18th century Endalls was in the possession of Mrs. Edwards, who sold it under the name of the manor or reputed manor of Bowsey Hill or Endalls to Mr. Edward Fromont. In 1870 the property was purchased by Mr. Theodore Waterhouse, who in 1892 sold it to Mr. E. B. Marriage, who began to build the present house called Yeldhall. In 1894 he conveyed it to Mr. P. F. Tuckett, who finished the present house and in 1912 sold the estate to Professor Arthur Shuster, F.R.S.
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