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One hide of land in Eversholt at the time of the Domesday Survey was held of the Bishop of Bayeux's fief by Ansgot of Rochester. The lands of the bishop soon escheated to the Crown, and no record is found of Ansgot or his heirs holding lands in Eversholt after this date. In the early 13th century the overlordship of this property was apparently annexed to the honour of Aubervill, held by William de Aubervill. In 1276 and 1284–6, however, it belonged with many of the Bayeux escheated lands to the barony of Rochester, and the tenant in fee, Richard de Eversholt, who earlier held this hide of land of the Aubervill honour, had given place to John de Eversholt. The subsequent history of this property is obscure, but since it comprised lands in Eversholt and Milton Bryant it may possibly be coincident with the estate in those places granted to Woburn Abbey by John son of Richard Knight of Eversholt in 1291.
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