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Another tenant in Eyworth at the time of Domesday was Azelina, widow of Ralph Taillebois, of whom Brodo held 1 hide of land. After the Survey this holding, which never became a manor, appears to have been held of the manor of Cockayne Hatley (q.v.), which Azelina likewise held in 1086, and early came into the hands of the lords of Eyworth manor. The earliest holder of this property of whom mention has been found subsequent to Brodo the Domesday tenant is William de Pyrley, who in 1298 received a grant of a messuage and land from Robert Austin, and in 1305 a messuage, 110 acres of land, and 12s. rent from John de Juvene. Edward le Despenser who owned Eyworth manor in 1343 held the messuage and 100 acres of land which had formerly belonged to William de Pyrley, and between this date and 1465 this property, distinguished by the name Pyrleys and by the different lordship of which it was held, followed the same descent as Eyworth, and finally became absorbed in that manor.
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