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A second property in Radwell called in the 17th century FELMERSHAM MANOR had its origin as follows. In 1086 Hugh (de Beauchamp) held 2 hides 2½ virgates of the Countess Judith, which had formerly belonged to Tovi, a house carl. This land appears to have passed by some arrangement from the honour of Huntingdon to the barony of Beauchamp of Bedford, and was held of that barony by Simon de Patishull for half a knight's fee. John de Patishull held 2½ hides ½ virgate here in 1278–9, having as free tenant William de Broy holding 7 virgates for 16s. and 1 lb. of pepper. The Patishulls continued to hold during the 14th century, and this manor as in the case of Bletsoe (q.v.) passed to the Beauchamps of Bletsoe and so to the St. Johns of Bletsoe, who claimed a manor in this parish from the early 16th century. In 1706 it was still enumerated in a list of manors belonging to Lord St. John, but by 1766 it appears to have been dispersed, though Lady St. John and her younger children are said to hold land in Radwell, and as late as 1865 a small farm in this hamlet was sold by Lord St. John.
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