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Another estate in this parish was owned by the prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, who obtained a charter in 1280, granting him view of frankpledge in Flitton and Silsoe, and on this ground he claimed the view from four tenants in Flitton and eight in Silsoe in 1285. In 1330, it was stated that the view was held twice a year in the priory's manor of Silsoe. The priory continued to hold this estate until the Dissolution, when all its possessions were taken into the king's hand, and the greater part granted to Sir Richard Long in 1540 under the title of the Preceptory of Shyngay, in which was included lands in Flitton and Silsoe. The property under the name of the manor passed to Elizabeth, the daughter and heir of Henry, son of Sir Richard Long, who brought it by marriage to the Russells, earls of Bedford, who were holding it as late as 1689. By them it was apparently alienated to the Sandys, barons of Ombersley, who were in possession in 1768. Lysons in 1805 mentions that the marchioness of Downshire, a descendant of the Barons Sandys, owned a manor in Silsoe at that date; there is no further trace of the manor, but it may probably have been sold by the marchioness to the Drapers' Company, as the latter is one of the principal landowners in Flitton at the present day.
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