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The first tenant of Flitton under the Zouches was Philip de Flitton, who in 1232 disputed with the prior of Dunstable about services from a tenement which the former held. In 1284–1302 Peter de Flitton's holding amounted to one fee, but between the latter year and 1314 it passed to Robert de Kendale, and had been reduced to the third of a fee. It again rapidly changed hands, for by 1316 John Grey, Lord Grey de Wilton, was lord of Flitton and Silsoe, and on his death in 1323 an inventory of the manor was taken. The manor has continued in the possession of the de Grey family and their descendants from the early part of the fourteenth century until the present day, following the same descent as that of the manor of Wrest, in Silsoe, in this parish (q.v.), the present lord of the manor being Lord Lucas and Dingwall. In 1388 the manor was worth £10, and by 1445 its value had decreased to £7 13s. 4d.; in 1615 it included three messuages, 144 acres of land, 6 acres of meadow and 16 acres of pasture, as part of the demesne lands.
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