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Another hide of land at Hartley was held in the early part of the reign of Henry III by the Abbot of Battle. This holding, which was afterwards known as HARTLEY BATTLE, is not mentioned in Domesday. Possibly it still belonged in 1086 to the king's manor of Shinfield or to Ralph de Mortimer's 'Hurlei,' or it may have been assessed, as it was in the 15th century, with the abbot's capital manor of Brightwalton, 15 miles away. The tenants of Hartley Battle did suit at the view of frankpledge held at Brightwalton Court at least as late as 1503. In 1424 Robert Woodcock seems to have been holding a large part of this estate, for he was then paying 8s. yearly to the abbey for himself and his tenants. There is no mention of Hartley in the Ministers' Accounts of Battle in 1479, and no grants of the land have been found at the Dissolution, but apparently the lordship which the abbey had held persisted, for in 1709 a 'manor and liberty of Hartley Battle,' parcle of the manor of Brightwalton, is said to have been conveyed by its owner, John Westmoreland, to Sir Owen Buckingham, and thereafter to have descended with Moor Place (q.v.).
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