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A sixth and last holder of land in Hinwick at Domesday was Edward, a burgess of Bedford, who held half a hide here. It had formerly belonged to his father, and he himself claimed it by grant of William I in almoign. No further trace of it has been found, unless part of it is the virgate of land in Hinwick for which the Sheriff of Bedfordshire returned 4s. ferm to the Crown from 1170 to 1221. By 1345 it had become the property of the lord of Hinwick Manor, for in this year Thomas de Pabenham held 1 acre of land, a messuage and 11 acres, paying 2s. yearly to the king's Exchequer, and it is so mentioned in extents of 1399, 1407, 1464–5, 1484 and 1501, after which no further mention has been found.
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