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A manor of Hurst was included with Lee and Warres in the sale by Anthony Rastwold to Sir Edmund Pecham, kt., in 1550. In 1516 the manors of Odes Hinton (Odes-Hinton?) and Hurst were among those held by John Norreys when attainted of high treason. Probably neither of these manors of Hurst was a genuine manor. One of them may be the manor of Hurst held by Sir William Compton and left by will of 1758 to his son Walter with remainder to his daughters. In 1773 a settlement of this manor was made on Jane Compton, one of the daughters and surviving heirs of Sir William Compton, and her husband John Berkeley. Jane Berkeley, widow, and Robert Berkeley were dealing with it in 1780, and Catherine Berkeley, spinster, held it in 1798.
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