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At the time of the Domesday Survey the manor of KEMPSTON was assessed at 10 hides and was held by the Countess Judith. Before the Conquest it had belonged to Earl Gurth of East Anglia. It remained attached to the honour of Huntingdon, as in the case of Potton overlordship (q.v.), and was held of the king in chief for one red sparrow hawk. On the death of John le Scot, the last earl of this line, in 1237, his estates were inherited by his three sisters and co-heirs, of whom each received a third of the manor of Kempston after the death of his widow Helen, who married as her second husband Robert de Quincey and held Kempston in dower. The division of the property was the cause of dissension between the heirs, and in 1254 the capital messuage was taken into the king's hands for the time being until a suitable arrangement should be made.
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