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In 1302 Walter de Stouton held a thirtieth part of a fee in Keysoe of that part of the barony of Bedford then held by Robert Lestraunge. By 1346 this part of the barony had passed to John de Mowbray and Walter de Stouton's one-thirtieth part of a fee had become merged in the one-third part of a knight's fee then held by Richard de Melchebourne, John de Smyth, John Reyner and others. By 1428 this had passed to Robert de Shotesbrook, who married Edith Beauchamp, on whom the manor of Keysoe Bury had been settled by her husband John de Beauchamp. The descent of this property is henceforward the same as that of the manor of Keysoe Berrysted (q.v.).
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