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The manor of LANGLEY, together with the manor of Bradley in the parish of Chieveley, seems to be the unnamed estate in the hundred of 'Roeberg' held in the time of the Confessor by Tunna and at the time of the Domesday Survey by Gilbert de Gand or Gaunt. Gilbert, who was a son of Baldwin Count of Flanders, came over to England with the Conqueror, married Alice de Montfort, and died during the reign of William Rufus, leaving two sons, the elder of whom married Maud daughter of Stephen Earl of Britanny. Their elder son Gilbert married Roesia Countess of Lincoln, became Earl of Lincoln in her right, and left an only daughter Alice, who married Simon de Liz Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton, and died without legitimate issue. Her heir was her uncle, Robert de Gand, who died in 1162, leaving a son Gilbert, surnamed the Good, whose son Gilbert was taken prisoner at Kenilworth, was disinherited for treason, but redeemed his lands for £3,000 in the time of Edward I. He or his father, who died in 1241, was returned as holding the overlordship of these manors in the 13th century, and the younger Gilbert died in 1274, when the overlordship passed to his son Gilbert, who married Laura sister of Alexander Baliol. At his death in 1297 he left two daughters, and as he had no son he bequeathed most of his estates, including the overlordship of these manors, to the king.
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