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The reputed manor of MAIDEN EARLEY was apparently formed out of Earley Whiteknights. In 1362 John de Earley had licence to grant two messuages and 19 acres of land with appurtenances to Robert de Earley and John his wife. Robert de Earley answered for a quarter of a fee in the manor of Whiteknights at the assessment of an aid in 1401–2. This estate seems to be Maiden Earley, of which Richard Earley died seised in 1502, his heir being his sister Margaret wife of Thomas Chafyn. The manor descended to William Chafyn, who died about 1539. Thomas Chafyn, apparently son of William, sold the manor in 1545 to Oliver Hyde. Humphrey Hyde died seised of the manor of Maiden Earley alias Woodhatches in 1608, leaving a son and heir Richard. He died in 1628, when his son Humphrey, aged twelve years, was his heir. In 1647 Humphrey and his wife Margaret conveyed the manor to John Hyde, but apparently not in fee, as it was sold by Humphrey in 1673 to Valentine Crome. He with his wife Philliden conveyed it to Theophilus Earl of Huntingdon and John Holles, son and heir-apparent of Gilbert Earl of Clare in 1685. In 1744 Edward Le Grand and other members of the Le Grand family were dealing with it by fine. According to Lysons it was at the end of the 18th century in the possession of William Matthew Birt, Governor-general of the Leeward Islands. It was purchased by the Right Hon. Edward Golding, M.P. for Downton, Wilts., lord of the Treasury during the administration of Lord Sidmouth. He amassed great wealth in the East Indies and spent his large fortune in purchasing this estate and other lands in Berkshire. After his death in 1818 Maiden Earley descended to his son Edward Golding, J.P., D.L., who died in 1844. He was succeeded by his son the Rev. Edward Golding, vicar of Brimpton, Berks., who died in 1857, when Captain William Golding, son of the preceding owner, came into possession of the estate. It was leased for fourteen years from 1864 to 1878 to John Hargreaves, master of the South Berkshire hounds, who purchased the manor and estate in the latter year from Captain William Golding with the consent of the Court of Chancery. It was acquired in 1903 from his executors by Mr. Solomon B. Joel, who is the present lord of the manor.
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