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The manor of MARLSTON (Marteleston, xiii–xv cent.) is not mentioned by name in the Domesday Survey, but probably can be identified with the 4 hides held in Bucklebury by the Count of Evreux, and formerly held by Lewin of the Confessor. William Count of Evreux founded a monastery in his fortress of Noyon in Normandy and endowed it with all the lands in England given to him by William the Conqueror. Count Simon, his grandson, confirmed this grant in the middle of the 12th century, including 'all that he held in Bucklebury.' On the dissolution of alien priories the possessions of Noyon were granted by Henry V to the priory of Sheen, and in the beginning of the 16th century the manor of Marlston was held of the Prior of Sheen. At the Dissolution, however, no rent is mentioned among the possessions of Sheen, though it may have been included in their manor of East Hendred, under which Marlston was afterwards held.
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