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Other lands in Meppershall were held by the priory of Merton (co. Surrey), which acquired 100 acres of land by the grant of Robert son of William le Despenser. These lands were held of the king by serjeanty, and the grant was confirmed by Henry II, and later by Henry III in 1252. In the reign of Edward I the annual value of lands held of the prior in Meppershall, Stokesholt, Astwick, and Dunton was £5 6s. 2d., and his holding in Meppershall amounted to one carucate. The prior failed to make good his claim to view of frankpledge over tenants in the eighth part of the parish of Meppershall in 1330, when he asserted that the right was granted to him by Richard I and confirmed by a charter of Henry III. The jury shewed that in the reign of Henry Gilbert de Meppershall held the manor of Meppershall, to which there was then no view of frankpledge attached, and the prior had usurped view of frankpledge from the king. The liberties were therefore taken into the king's hand. The last reference to the lands in Meppershall belonging to the priory of Merton occurs in the reign of Henry VI, when William Stanford of Meppershall received an acquittance from the prior of Merton for 26s. 8d. yearly rent for land in Meppershall.
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