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In the reign of Edward the Confessor five freemen held the manor of MIDGHAM of the king. In 1086 it was held by Giles Pinkney. He had granted part of the land to three sub-tenants, Almær, Ragner and Gilbert, who held 3 virgates, 1 virgate and 1 hide and 1½ virgates respectively. Midgham formed part of the honour of Pinkney, which was held by the service of ward of Windsor Castle. This honour consisted of fifteen knights' fees, for which £15 were paid yearly to the constable of the castle. Gilbert, grandson of Giles, answered for the Pinkney honour in 1166 and held Midgham in 1198. He was succeeded by his son Henry, who granted tithes in Midgham to the priory of Weedon Pinkney, and by his grandson Robert in turn. The latter forfeited his estates for rebellion against King John, but recovered them on the accession of Henry III. Probably the Pinkneys had ceased to hold the manor in demesne, and had enfeoffed three under-tenants, each of whose holdings was afterwards known as the manor of Midgham. Robert Pinkney's son, grandson and great-grandson, all named Henry, succeeded him. Robert son of Henry Pinkney, who died about 1296, left as heir his brother Henry. Midgham then seems to have followed the descent of the manor of Datchet in Buckinghamshire. In the 14th century Sir John de Molyns held the overlordship, but it cannot be traced later.
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