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The little priory of Beaulieu (de Bello Loco) at Moddry owned land at Millbrook, where originally a small cell had been founded by Nigel de Wast— as a cell of St. Albans—towards the close of the 11th century, but when Beaulieu was founded, circa 1140, as a cell of St. Albans the two cells (Beaulieu and Millbrook) were amalgamated and the monks of Millbrook were transferred to Beaulieu; but this priory was never an important one, and was eventually suppressed in 1428 on account of its poverty, when the mother-house leased it to secular priests and assigned its property in Millbrook and elsewhere to Sir John Cornwall 'for his life and that of his heirs at a quit rent of £10.' During the time of its existence the prior had a grant of free warren, in 1293, in all his demesne lands at Millbrook; but his estate there could not have been a large one, as at the commencement of the 14th century he was returned as holding the sixth part of one-half fee, and this included not only the Millbrook property, but also that at Clophill.
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