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It has been found impossible to connect Ansgot, the Domesday tenant of the Bishop, or his heirs with the subsequent owners in fee. In the middle of the 13th century it was held in three portions by William de Upton, Richard de Eversholt and Dionisia daughter of Ralph. William de Upton's share, comprising 2 hides, was granted by him to the Abbot of Woburn, and may be represented by the 7 virgates of land which the abbot held in the reign of Henry III. Certain service was rendered to William by the abbot for these 2 hides in 1276 and 1284, but before 1302 Woburn held them in frankalmoigne. The portion held by Richard de Eversholt was probably united by him to his property in Eversholt, held of the same barony, and also appears to have been subsequently granted to Woburn Abbey. These two portions represent the lands and meadows, rents and courts held by the abbey in 1291 and valued at £4 15s. In fruits of flocks and beasts the abbey had to the value of 66s. 8d. The abbey also received a grant of free warren in these lands in 1299. Dionisia daughter of Ralph, to whom is assigned the third part of this fee in Testa de Nevill, evidently married Walter de Harlington, for in 1236 Walter and Dionisia his wife quitclaimed certain lands in Milton Bryant, held in right of the latter, to Woburn Abbey. The residue of their holding, comprising a hide of land, was held by Robert de Harlington in 1276, 1284 and 1302–3. His heir John de Harlington was in possession in 1346, but before 1428 it was granted in mortmain to the monks of Woburn, who thus acquired the whole of the lands held by Ansgot at Domesday, and their history is henceforward identical with that of Milton Bryant Manor (q.v.).
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