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A half-virgate in Milton Ernest was in 1086 held of the king by a certain bedell who had succeeded his father in the tenure. This is probably the same half-virgate that Roger de Wilye in 1278 held of the king by serjeanty. The Abbot and monastery of Warden in 1279 rented a mill in Milton Ernest from John Erneys for 7s. a year and held three-quarters of a virgate of arable land of him in free alms. They had other land there besides, and in 1291 their property in this parish was valued at £3 7s. 2d. At the beginning of the 14th century the land in Milton which the abbot held of Henry de Grey, together with that of the Prior of Caldwell, amounted to one-sixth of Henry's holding. At the time of the Dissolution Warden Abbey owned several mills in this parish valued at £9, though there were annual charges on them amounting to £1 13s. 4d.
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