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A manor in East Ilsley, known in the 14th century as NORTHBURY, was in 1086 in the possession of William Fitz Ansculf, with Stephen as undertenant. It was then assessed at 6½ hides. The overlordship passed to the Somerys by the marriage of Avice sister and heiress of Gervase de Paynell, descendant of Beatrice daughter of William Fitz Ansculf, to John de Somery, and remained in this family until the death of John, the last male heir, in 1321. He left two sisters and co-heirs, of whom Margaret, the elder, wife of John de Sutton, inherited the overlordship of this and the other fees held by her brother. In the 15th century the overlordship of this manor became merged in that of the main manor of East Ilsley (q.v.).
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