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A manor known as PAVENHAM or BRAYS MANOR is found in Pavenham in the 16th century, and appears to be an offshoot of Pavenham Manor last described. The first mention that has been found of it is in 1501–2, when Sir John Norbury and Joan his wife alienated the manor of Pavenham to Sir Reginald Bray. Sir John Norbury was the son of Ann Croyser, who on the death of Richard Tyrrell had married again Sir Henry Norbury, and it seems likely that this property was a detached portion of the manor. Sir Reginald Bray already owned a manor in Bromham (q.v.), and Pavenham followed the same descent as that manor until the late 16th century. (fn. 53) Some time previous to 1594 it was sold by the representative of the Brays to George Vaux, who died seised of it in 1594. Like Cheneys Manor (q.v.) it remained with the Vaux family until 1649, when it was alienated to John Alston, and henceforward follows the same descent as the other manors in Pavenham.
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