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A third Domesday holder in Pavenham was Count Eustace of Boulogne, of whom Ernulf de Ardres held PAVENHAM MANOR extended at 2½ hides and including a mill worth 20s. This manor had formerly belonged to a thegn named Alevold. It followed the same descent as Ernulf de Ardres' manor in Stevington (q.v.), in which it became more or less absorbed, reappearing however as a separate manor in the 16th century. Several extents of Stevington Manor from the 13th to the 15th century prove the continued existence of this manor. In 1278–9 Baldwin Wake, in right of his wife Hadwisa de Quincy, held 7 virgates of land in villeinage here as of his manor of Stevington. In 1349 an extent of Stevington Manor includes one water-mill at Pabenham, worth when in use 70s., and nothing at the time of the inquisition on account of the Black Death; and in Stevington and Pavenham together there was £29 16s. 0½d. rent of free tenants. In 1598, on the occasion of the conveyance of his estates by William Earl of Derby into the hands of trustees, Pavenham Manor is differentiated by name from Stevington, and continues to be mentioned as a separate manor though following the same descent.
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