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In the time of Edward the Confessor Alwin Deule held 1 virgate in Pertenhall of which King Edward had the soke. In 1086 it was held by William of Bishop Remigius of Lincoln and was valued at 5s. The Bishops of Lincoln received service for land in Pertenhall until the middle of the 14th century. Henry Bishop of Lincoln claimed a view of frankpledge in Pertenhall and neighbouring parishes in 1330. The first tenant of this property of whom mention has been found is Roger son of Jordan, who in 1197–8 alienated it to his brother Richard. His son Jordan held the property by service of half a knight's fee in the 13th century. Jordan was succeeded by his son Richard, who held it in 1284–6 by the same service, but by 1302–3 the service had been changed to a tenth of a knight's fee. In 1346 this property had passed to John Hervy, who is the last tenant of whom mention has been found.
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