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Canons Ashby Priory, which was founded by Stephen la Leye, lord of Podington and other manors, in the reign of Henry II (1135–54), appears to have owned land in this parish from an early date. The first mention that has been found is a 12th-century grant by Hugh la Leye to the priory of the mill of Podington, with a messuage, land and pasture there, 'and also of the miller with his wife, children and chattels.' In 1291 the property of the priory was worth £3. At the Dissolution the rents of Canons Ashby in Podington, then estimated at 15s. 4d., fell to the Crown, and in 1545 were granted to Daniel Payne, whose son William became lord of Podington Manor, with which descent this property is henceforward identical. The last separate mention occurs in inquistions of 1624. In 1330, on the occasion of Walter de Myrnut's appointment to the office of Prior of Ashby, an inventory was taken of the movable goods, which included at Podington 'a plough with only one ox for it, and two steers for the plough. In the hall were a bason, an ewer, and a great dining table; in the kitchen 3 brass pots, with broken feet, one containing 7 gallons, another 2 gallons, and another I gallon, a pottel pitcher, a 2-gallon brass pan, an iron article (illegible), an axe, and a pickaxe; in the brew house 4 vats, 3 coolers, a barrel of 30 gallons, a tub, and 2 barrels of 16 gallons; in the bakeho' lead of 60 gallons. Winter corn sown in fields there 19 acres; dragget 20 acres; and pease 10 acres.'
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