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A small estate in Ravensden was held by the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, who acquired land from the tenants of William de Ferrars. This gift was confirmed to them in 1199. In 1253 Henry III bestowed upon them a view of frankpledge, confirmed by Edward I in 1280, and this charter was produced by the prior in justification of his claim in 1287, when he was said to have two tenants only in Ravensden, the view being held twice a year at Bedford. In 1330 his right to hold the view was again contested. In 1540, on the dissolution of this religious order, the lands held by the prior as appurtenant to Shingay Preceptory in Cambridgeshire, among them the Ravensden estate, were granted to Sir Richard Long. The Ravensden property is not afterwards separately mentioned.
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