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There is no reference to Shefford Hardwick in Domesday, but William le Caron's half-virgate of land evidently lay in this part of the parish of Southill, for the Caron family were still living there in 1298. It has not been found possible to connect any early holdings in the hamlet with SHEFFORD HARDWICK MANOR, which belonged in 1562 to Peter Grey, who conveyed it in that year to John Whitbread. John's son William sold it in 1589 to Robert Barbor, whose son, another Robert, of King's Walden, Hertfordshire, sold it in 1614 to William Goldsmith of Campton, who died before 1639–40. The manor, called Hardwick, in 1650 belonged to Robert Staunton, whose family twenty-two years later still had an interest in it. From the end of the 17th century the name of Pickering occurs in connexion with this manor, and in 1764 a moiety of it was owned by a member of the same family, Miss Dorothy Elizabeth Pickering. After this the manorial rights became lost, and the hamlet at the present day consists almost entirely of a large farm which was purchased by Samuel Whitbread in 1813, apparently from Joseph Ashby Partridge, and has since remained in the possession of the Whitbread family.
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