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The land which belonged to the other French tenant of William Spech in Southill at the time of the Domesday Survey was held in 1166 by John le Bel and was attached to the barony of Warden. In the next century it was known as the fief of Simon le Bel, held of the heirs of Warden, and in 1284–6 was divided between the Abbot of Warden and the Priors of Chicksands, Newnham and St. John of Jerusalem. No later mention of the overlordship has been found in Southill; the greater part of the land was absorbed by Warden Abbey before 1346 and became part of their manor in Southill. The principal part of the property of Chicksands Priory in Southill evidently consisted of the Tithe Mills, which were situated in Clifton and Southill and have been treated under Clifton. The value of the land which they possessed in Southill itself at the Dissolution was only worth 2s. 8d. With the exception of the rectory the land attached to Newnham Priory at that time was valued at £1 19s. 2d. In the reign of Edward III the Prior of St. John of Jerusalem held view of frankpledge at his manor at Langford for the tenants on his land in Southill.
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