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The manor of TILE evidently gave its name to the family of Tile, Tyghele or Tuyle. Land in Old Windsor held by Gilbert de Tile was taken into the king's hands as parcel of the manor of Old Windsor, but was confirmed in 1270 to Alexander son of Gilbert after judgement given in the King's Court. John de Tile, who in 1324 made a settlement of his lands, apparently left an heir Thomas, who is described as the king's esquire in 1386, when licence was granted to him to inclose and make a park of 70 acres of his lands lying round his place called Tyllestenement. In 1483 Agnes widow of another Thomas Tile and John his son held the estate. Agnes was still living in 1512. In 1580 Edward Tile conveyed the property as a manor to John Morley. In 1601 John Tile remitted his right to Edward Morley, by whom Tile was sold in 1606 to Robert Barker. The latter had a son Andrew, who was engaged in a suit in 1639 as to whether certain lands were part of the manor of 'Tileplace.' Robert, Andrew and Matthew Barker were dealing with the manor in 1640–1. In 1704 John Clinch, Isabella Foote and others were the possessors, and in 1715 it was conveyed by Arabella Foote to Richard Topham. The family of Topham owned the neighbouring manor of Clewer Brocas (q.v.), and possibly this estate subsequently followed its descent.
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