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The seventh owner of land in Turvey in 1086 was Alwin, a priest who held one-third of half a hide for the service of performing a mass every week on the second day for the souls of the king and queen. It is probable that this is part of the hide of land that Newnham Priory (which succeeded in 1166 to the endowments of secular canons of St. Paul's, Bedford) held during the 13th century. The remaining half hide which Newnham held in Turvey may have its origin in the property of Lambert Sellator, who owned half a carucate here in serjeanty a little earlier, and it seems likely from his name of sellator or saddler that this was the half hide which Newnham Priory held of the king in 1284–6, rendering to him a pair of white saddle bows ('unum par arsonum alborum ad unam sellam'). The Hundred Rolls mentions that Newnham Priory owned 1 hide 'of the gift of Henry III' in Turvey, but that the method of tenure was unknown, and no mention has been subsequently found of the priory holding in this parish.
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